Thai Cabbage Suki Rolls: healthy food in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Cabbage Suki Rolls

at Central Ladphrao Food Market, Bangkok, Thailand

From time to time, the ground floors at local Thai shopping malls transform into popup street food marketplaces. I always enjoy exploring these, because the snacks and foods available change every time.

Recently, I tried these delicious and very healthy cabbage suki rolls. 

cabbage suki rolls in Bangkok, Thailand
cabbage suki rolls in Bangkok, Thailand

Suki is the Thai version of "hot pot", a communal meal in which various ingredients are cooked in a broth and dipped into sauce. Though the word "suki" comes from the Japanese word "sukiyaki", the dish is much closer to Chinese-style hot pot.

Suki sauce gives this dish its signature flavor. The sauce is made from chili, lime, cilantro, and other traditional Thai flavorings, and meat (traditionally pork) is cooked in the hot pot then dipped in the sauce for extra spicy flavor.

These vegetarian suki rolls do not have meat in them, but use all of the most popular ingredients served in a suki dish - carrot, cabbage, vermicelli (rice noodles), and more. These healthy and delicious rolls are wrapped in cabbage (like a low-cal spring roll), steamed, and served with a packet of sukiyaki sauce. The rolls are sliced into bite sized pieces to make them easy to dip into the sauce and eat in a single bite.


I bought these suki rolls in the central lobby of Central Ladphrao shopping mall. The mall is one of the most popular in Bangkok, and is located at 1693 Phahonyothin Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900.

See the map below for the exact location.