Delicious Vietnamese food by Bếp Ông Trung (The Best Pho so far!)

 Chicken Pho and Chicken rice, All delicious Vietnamese food by Bếp Ông Trung

Delicious chicken pho or chicken noodle, Hanoi Old Quarter
My no.1 delicious chicken pho

I have tried many different pho and chicken rice in Hanoi so far. There is one restaurant that caught my eyes since the first day I arrived, but there was always something that kept me from eating at this shop. Sometimes it was closed, sometimes it was too crowded, and sometimes I was too tired to walk there. But today is the day, and I'm so happy to get to come to this restaurant! This is my no.1 favorite local pho restaurant so far! It's so popular for local people, however we managed to get seats inside the tiny shop, and we decided to order two different things. The chef can speak English and she has a very nice smile.

The first we thing ordered was Phở gà (chicken rice noodles). This was the first time that I tasted the local pho and I didn't get any smell of the chicken (some shops we tried had too strong of a chicken smell). It's so delicious! The chicken meat was perfectly cooked (she put a lot of chicken in the bowl). Her soup is savory with mild sweetness, and so rich in delicious chicken flavor. I added some sliced chili and lime, and it turned out to be more delicious. You can get a totally different taste from the noodle bowl. I suggest enjoying half of the bowl without adding anything first though.

Delicious  Cơm gà or chicken rice, Hanoi Old Quarter
Delicious Cơm gà or chicken rice, Hanoi Old Quarter

Another dish we ordered was cơm gà, or chicken rice. I tried to say Cơm gà but she didn't understand me. I still have a lot of trouble with Vietnamese tones! I just had to tell her "chicken rice" instead!  Her chicken rice is like nowhere else. The dish has big pieces of chicken mixed with papaya, which reminds me of papaya salad (som tam) from Thailand mixed with kao man gai (popular chicken rice). The dish is so fresh served with warm yellow rice and green vegetable soup on the side. All I can say is, believe me or not try out yourself! The price is great! It is cheaper than some other shops around here, and with bigger portions. The restaurant is not big but has many tables. You can sit comfortably with a/c and fan inside and enjoy your meal with modern music.

All delicious Vietnamese food by Bếp Ông Trung, Hanoi Old Quarter
All delicious Vietnamese food by Bếp Ông Trung

I will surely come back to try other menu options. I think next time I will get pork noodles, fried  chicken wings, spring rolls, or their caramelized fried fish, all of which are made to order. Sounds good doesn't it?

I'm getting hungry now. Bye :)


Phở gà 35.000 VND
Cơm gà 40.000 VND

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The lady who made us amazing dishes