Banh Trang Trung or Hue Pizza, Hue Vietnam

Banh Trang Trung, Delicous Hue Pizza

Banh Trang Trung or Hue Pizza

Banh Trang Trung ia a delicious traditional pizza from the Imperial City of Hue. Banh Trang Trung is A MUST-TRY when you are in Hue. Add this to your list, or you cannot say you have seen Hue completely. This dish is more popular in Hue than in any other region of Vietnam, especially among young people. The taste of this Hue "pizza" is different from most other Vietnamese dishes

The base is made from a very crispy thin rice paper which is grilled over coal. The "pizza" is topping with shredded pork or beef, and sprinkled with some veggies, egg, and sauces (usually mayo, ketchup, and sweet chili sauce). It's is just like a vert thin crisp pizza crust with heavy toppings. The dish can be found throughout Hue. It can be a different at each restaurants. I love the way the salty toppings and sweet sauces combine to make a unique Vietnamese flavor.

The rice paper crust is so much crispier than a normal pizza crust - it's almost like a very, very thin cracker. This way, you really get to taste all of the toppings. (It's also very low in carbohydrates.) The light taste of the rice paper allows me to eat more! It's not heavy at all. This is one of my favorite dishes in Hue, and I'm up to try more Banh Trang Trung, and find the best in Hue!

It's a perfect combination with all the ingredients and texture. This Banh Trang Trung is a dish on my list that I just had to try to track down.

Cost: 10,000-15,000d