Mackerel steak with noodles at Mô Rứa, Hue: delicious and cheap

Delicious and Cheap: Mackerel steak with noodles

 at Mô Rứa, Hue

We have arrived in Hue after a loooong night on a Vietnamese sleeper bus. The bus was cramped and slow, but surprisingly relatively comfortable. From Hanoi to Hue the trip takes about thirteen hours, and during that time all we had to eat was half a roll of Oreo cookies. Needless to say, now that we are in Vietnam's ancient imperial capital, we are ready to have some tasty cuisine!
Delicious and Cheap: Mackerels steak with noodle   at Mô Rứa, Hue
Mackerel Noodles, Hue

After the night on the bus, we wanted to stretch our legs and explore the neighborhood, so we took a walk around the Imperial City. Wandering through some tiny side streets, we stumbled upon this shop, and just decided to step inside. The decor was bright yellow and cheerful, and it looked like a nice (and clean) place to sit, but other than that, we had no idea what they even served there!

Inside the shop looks nice and clean

When we sat down, the waitress brought us a menu. Everything on the menu was pretty cheap compared to what we had in Hanoi. The only problem was, the  menu was entirely in Vietnamese without a word of English. Turns out, it's a very local restaurant, not exactly for tourists! It's a bit hard to order things here because the staff don't speak much English, but they were friendly and helpful, and we had fun trying to figure out the menu together. I tried to ask the waitress about some pictures from the menu, so she suggested, "noodles?" we said "ok!" She said "Tuna?" we said "ok!"

SO this is what we got and I have no regrets at all. IT IS SO DELICIOUS! The dish that she brought us is a big bowl of white noodle, a BIG piece of  mackerel steak (not tuna, but just as yummy), a bright red chili, a piece of pineapple, and sauce. The fish is slightly salty and cooked in some rich herbal sauce before serving. This dish is something totally different from what I had last mongh in the north! They also give you a big plate of extra veggies to add with the noodles.

The red sauce in the picture is not sweet like you might think. Actually, it's a bit spicy. I love spicy food, so I added all of it to my noodles, but my boyfriend couldn't have any of  it at all. He said it's too spicy. Try a little bit before you put it into your bowl! Even though it looks  like it, it's not sweet chili sauce.

Price: 25,000d
Location :

The shop front