What to eat in Hue: Must-Try Food, Drinks, and Desserts in Hue, Vietnam

Hungry in Hue?? Impossible!

Hue is the world-famous city of Vietnamese Cuisine. Only the best food was fit to serve to the Emperors!

Located in central Vietnam, Hue has a rich and delicious food culture. Cuisine in the city uses the best and freshest ingredients with an exquisite and beautiful presentation and delicious taste. When you visit Hue, you cannot miss these dishes, which put the small historical town on every food-lover's map.

what to eat in Hue, Vietnam - food guide
Hue, Vietnam

1. Banh Khoai or Hue Pancake

I personally think that this is my favorite dish from Vietnam. Banh Kuai, or Hue Pancakes are made from rice flour and stuffed with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts. They are fried until crispy, and topped with special sauce and piled high with fresh herbs. You can find it from 25k-40k VND.

delicious banh khoai in Hue, Vietnam
Banh Khoai by Lac Thanh

delicious banh khoai in Hue, Vietnam
Banh Khoai by Bánh Khoái Hồng Mai

Vegetarian Hue Pancake or Banh Khaoi Chay 

Vegetarian Hue Pancake or Banh Khaoi Chay 

2. Banh Beo or streamed rice cake or waterfern cake

Another Hue original dish that I highly recommend is Bánh bèo, which are rice cakes made from a combination of rice flour mixed with tapioca and steamed until soft. The tiny bowls of rice cake are topped with minced shrimp and pork, fried onions and shallots. Bánh bèo is served with a dipping sauce made from fish sauce and chili, but it's not super spicy.
Banh beo or streamed rice cake, Hue, Vietnam
Banh beo or streamed rice cake, Hue
There is a restaurant called " Lien Hoa" that make super delicious Hue food with the most reasonable price. I tried their rice cake with many toppings, which the waiter recommended to us. The dish from picture below cost only 35k VND! Everything here is completely vegetarian!

Vetgetarian rice cake with many topping at Lien Hoa, Hue
Vegetarian rice cake with many topping at Lien Hoa, Hue

3. Banh Trang Trung or Hue pizza

I love PIZZA and I also love HUE PIZZA. This original dish made me fall in love with both the taste and price. The "crust" is made out rice paper and fried. It is then topped with egg, shredded pork, shallots, and a few different types of sauce! It's like a very thin and crispy pizza. Although it's called "Hue Pizza", the dish is really unique, and the taste isn't what you would expect from a pizza. It's surprisingly sweet! The best part was, I only paid like 15k VND ($0.66, one of the cheapest meals that I had in Vietnam).  

Vietnamese "Pizza", Hue
This is one of the snacks that is a specialty of central Vietnamese cuisine. It's very filling and delicious. The pork is wrapped around skewers of fresh lemongrass, and grilled so that the meat takes on the delicious flavors. When you want to eat, take the pork off the skewer, wrap the grilled pork and fresh veggies with rice paper like a spring roll, and then dip it into a special nutty sweet sauce. Take a bite and enjoy!

I got this set for 80k VND ($2)

Nem lui or pork skewered on lemongrass, Hue
Nem lui or pork skewered on lemongrass, Hue 

5. Banh Nam or streamed rice shrimp cake

Delicious Banh Nam or streamed rice shrimp cake
 Banh Nam 

Banh Nam is made out of rice flour and topped with shrimp and ground pork, and garnished with a sprinkle of shallots. It is wrapped up in a banana leaf, sprinkled with some fish sauce (with or without red chili depending on your tolerance for spicy food). The flavors of the fish sauce and shrimp, plus a little salty taste all mixed together into a delightfully savory dish.

6. Bún thịt nướng or Grilled pork noodle

Hue's noodle specialty that you can easily find on almost every corner in the city is this delicious grilled pork noodle. The concept is similar to Bun cha (Hanoi's specialty and Obama's favorite Vietnamese dish) but it's not quite the same. Delicious grilled pork with rice noodles and dipping sauce. YUM!

Bún thịt nướng or Grilled pork noodles in Hue, Vietnam
see: http://world-of-street-food.blogspot.com/2018/06/bun-thit-nuong-grilled-pork-noodles-in.html


 Salt Coffee (original)

The most famous coffee in Hue is the one that is salted! Vietnamese salt coffee is like nothing you have ever tried. Believe me! Don't be put off by the strange name... you will love it if you like a little caramel taste. Rich Vietnamese coffee is slowly dripped over salted cream to give the drink a super smooth, mellow and mild caramel taste. Ymmmmmmm.... Ca Phe Muoi has the best coffee, best price and nicest atmosphere... and it's the ORIGINAL! 15K VND ($0.66)

salt coffee by ca phe moi, Hue Vietnam
salt coffee by Ca Phe Moi, Hue
salt coffee, Hue, Vietnam
My delicious salt coffee!


Che or Hue "sweet soup"
What could be better than a cold refreshing dessert in hot weather?

Che is Hue's famous dessert that you can see people enjoying all over the city! It's a glass of deliciousness served over ice, and you can choose what to add to the cup by yourself! What you desire? Che is usually served with all sorts of sweet fruits and jellies :D 
This cost only 10k VND ($0.44)

I chose mixed fruit che, Hue, Vietnam
I chose mixed fruit Che, Hue 
Che dessert, Hue Vietnam
Che - choose whatever you desire!
see: http://world-of-street-food.blogspot.com/2018/06/che-or-sweet-soup-from-imperial-city-of.html


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