Khanom Sai Sai in Bangkok, Thailand - a very traditional Thai dessert

Khanom Sai Sai

in Ari, Bangkok

Khanom sai sai, or khanom sot sai, is a very traditional Thai dessert which dates back hundreds of years. In ancient times, it was served at weddings, but now it's a very popular street food snack. Today I was exploring the trendy Ari neighborhood, a popular area of Bangkok famous for its coffee and delicious food, and I bought a small bag of khanom sai sai from a tiny local dessert shop.

Khanom sai sai is a small ball of steamed rice flour and coconut cream filled with shredded coconut caramelized with palm sugar. It is served wrapped up in a very eco-friendly banana leaf. (You can even try making it yourself!)

It's super sweet, and a perfect bite-sized snack to give you a little energy on your big day of exploring Bangkok.

I don't know the name of the dessert shop where I bought the khanom sai sai, but I have market it on the map. It's just barely down Soi Ari 1, just a short walk from BTS Ari Station. But if you are looking to get lost discovering great food, Ari is the perfect place to do it. You'll never go hungry in Ari!

5 pieces for 30 baht ($1)


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