Pad Thai Mr. Hui, Bangkok, Thailand

Pad Thai

by Mr. Hui, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Hui's pad Thai is one of my favorite pad Thai dishes in all of Bangkok, Thailand. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, don't pass the chance to order a dish at this tiny, unassuming restaurant. Mr. Hui's shop may be small and easy to overlook, but the dishes he serves are spectacular! His pad Thai uses some very special ingredients that sets it apart from other pad Thai dishes that you'll find in Bangkok.

Pad Thai Mr. Hui
pad Thai by Mr. Hui

Mr. Hui still makes Pad Thai in a traditional way, and adds several elements that make his dish so special. He has created a very old-fashioned dish using elements of his own Chinese-Thai heritage, and has chosen a few special ingredients to give his pad Thai its signature flavor:

- He cooks his dishes in pork fat instead of vegetable oil.
- He cooks everything in a big wok over charcoal instead of the more common gas stove.
- He uses duck eggs instead of regular chicken eggs, which gives the dish a richer and fattier taste.

I ordered a plate of his pad Thai with an egg. The dish came wrapped in a thin omelette, a very traditional way to serve pad Thai that you don't see much in Thai restaurants outside of the country. Instead of topping the dish with crushed peanuts, Mr. Hui fries the peanuts up with the rest of the ingredients and mixes them in with his noodles! The dish is served with the requisite beansprouts, green onions, and lime, and you can add a little extra chili if you like, however I found the taste just perfect.

Mr. Hui might mix a little bit of chili in with his dish. It wasn't spicy, but I could definitely feel and taste a tiny bit of chili heat mixed in with the noodles! 

All of the flavors blend together perfectly, and even though it's all the way across town from where I live, I never mind making the trip out to Mr. Hui's shop.

a plate of traditional pad Thai with egg (50 THB)

The dishes at Pad Thai Mr. Hui are all very reasonably priced. Basic pad Thai starts at 40 baht ($1.30), and even the most expensive dish (extra large serving + shrimp) is only 100 baht ($3.00).

I recommend ordering the plain pad thai or the pad Thai special with egg so that you can taste all of Mr. Hui's special ingredients in their best presentation

Mr. Hui's restaurant is located just outside of the gates to Wat Khun Chan Temple. The closest BTS station is Wuttakhat (on the Dark Green Line), though it's about a 15-minute walk. I recommend taking a taxi to the temple from the station (maybe 5 minutes) and walking to the restaurant from there.

Pad Thai, Mr. Hui
Pad Thai Mr. Hui - traditional pad Thai restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

Travel Tips

Mr. Hui's pad Thai restaurant is close to the beautiful Wat Paknam Bhasicharoen (Wat Pak Nam), one of the most beautiful and unique temples in all of Bangkok (and I don't say that lightly). The temple is home to a gorgeous glass chedi, a Buddhist art and artifact museum, and the world's largest seated Buddha statue made from pure bronze. The statue is still under construction (as of 2020), but is expected to finish by 2021. 

Spend a few hours exploring the beautiful temple. It's definitely worth the trip to southwest Bangkok, and it's FREE to visit.

the Big Buddha at Wat Pak Nam, Bangkok, Thailand
the Big Buddha at Wat Pak Nam, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pak Nam

You can reach Wat Pak Nam by BTS Wutthakat Station, although it's about a 15-minute walk to the temple. The walk is easy and direct, but if it's a hot day, I recommend taking a taxi from the station. Just tell the driver "Wat Pak Nam" or "Big Buddha", and they'll know where to go.

If you like pad Thai:

Don't miss a visit to the city's original and most famous pad Thai restaurant, Thipsamai (at the Ghost Gate neighborhood near the Golden Mount).