Famous Oklahoma Indian Tacos - a Native American lunch at a famous Oklahoma drive-in

Oklahoma Indian Tacos

by Tim's Drive-Inn, Warr Acres, OK

An Oklahoma State Fair favorite, Indian tacos are a must-try snack when visiting the "Sooner State!" Served on Native American frybread instead of a tortilla or taco shell, Indian tacos are an especially filling and delicious Oklahoma specialty. When you are visiting Oklahoma City, there's really just one place to go if you want to try some traditional and tasty Indian tacos: the famous Tim's Drive Inn!

world famous Indian tacos from Tim's Drive Inn
world famous Indian tacos from Tim's Drive Inn

Commonly eaten at pow-wows, festivals, and other Native American cultural gatherings, Indian tacos are among the most famous and well-known examples of Native American dishes in the United States. 

The base of the tacos is made of frybread, a dish with a complicated history. Not originally part of Native American cuisine, frybread was created during the mid-19th century, when Native Americans were forcibly removed from their ancestral land by the US government, and forced to walk across the country to new, less hospitable land in Indian Territory. The territory was in the desert - a far cry from the fertile tribal homelands of the east coast. During the Trail of Tears, the US government supplied flour, salt, and eggs, and frybread - dough deep fried in oil - was created as a staple food out of necessity. Now, frybread is an important cultural staple - a food that ties together generations of Native American families, yet also one which serves as a reminder of an important past that should not be forgotten.

Indian tacos are a dish that developed in the central and southwestern United States. Taco ingredients are served on top of a puffy piece of frybread instead of wrapped in a tortilla or served with a hard taco shell. 

Indian tacos served on Native American frybread
Indian tacos served on Native American frybread.

We were so excited to try these tacos, that we had heard so much about! What we didn't know, however, was just how HUGE the portion size was going to be! When lunch was delivered, we were shocked at the huge serving for the affordable price.

The frybread was thick, chewy, and soft, and the toppings were so huge on top that you couldn't even see the frybread at first! Indian tacos at Tim's are vegetarian, topped with huge servings of beans, tomato, cheese, sour cream, onion, and pickled jalapeño peppers. The dish is super filling, perfectly spiced, and perfect for a hearty lunch.

Don't pass up the side dishes, either!

We decided to order two sides to share - spicy fried pickles and breaded fried cheese cubes. The pickles were especially good! They were crispy on the outside and crunchy (not at all soggy) on the inside. The pickles themselves were sour and spicy, which contrasted so nicely with the kind of sweet ranch dipping sauce.

fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce
fried pickles with ranch dipping sauce - my favorite side!

As for the fried cheese cubes... I mean, what's not to love? They also came with ranch to dip in, but I thought they were perfect even without the extra sauce.

fried cheese cubes
fried cheese cubes


Tim's Drive Inn menu and prices
Tim's Drive Inn menu and prices


💲 - Tim's is an affordable stop for a quick lunch. Check the daily specials for extra savings and deals on different dishes. Visit on Wednesday for the $5.00 Indian taco special. Be aware that it gets very busy at lunchtime, and Indian taco day is especially popular!

What to Order

We have only tried the famous Indian tacos (visit on Wednesday for the daily special), but all of the food we saw being cooked and served at Tim's looked excellent. Indian tacos are highly recommended as the shop's specialty, but the burgers look amazing as well.

Don't miss out on the sides! We especially loved the deep-fried pickles served with a little cup of ranch dipping sauce!

Tim's Drive Inn daily specials
Tim's Drive Inn daily specials

Daily Specials: 

Monday - fried onion burger $3.99
Tuesday - gyro and drink $7.59
Wednesday - Indian taco $5.99
Thursday - hamburger combo $7.59
Friday - footlong and malt $5.88
Saturday - hot dog or corn dog $1.89

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Location and Hours

Tim's Drive Inn, Oklahoma City
Tim's Drive Inn, an Oklahoma favorite

Open 10:30am to 8:30pm; closed Sundays

While not technically within Oklahoma City, Tim's Drive Inn is a favorite with OKC residents, and is located just a 10-15 minute drive from the city's downtown area.


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