Round Rock Donut's Legendary Texas Sized Donut

Texas Sized Glazed Donut

by Round Rock Donuts, Round Rock, Texas (near Austin)

Everything is bigger in Texas... even the donuts!

The most famous donuts in Texas costs $12 and weighs a whopping two pounds. The legendary Texas Sized Donut from Round Rock Donuts just north of Austin, Texas is a state icon.

the famous Texas Sized Donut at Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts has been serving up their world-famous donuts since 1926 when the Lone Star Bakery first opened their doors on Main Street in Round Rock, Texas.

Texas Sized Donuts, like their name suggests, are gigantic donuts that fill up an entire donut box. They are definitely meant for sharing; there's no way anyone should (or probably even could!) eat an entire one in one sitting!

You can order a Texas Sized Donut glazed, glazed in chocolate, or half-and-half. I ordered a glazed donut. To be honest, I should have just gotten a single donut, but I wanted to check out their monstrous signature donut myself.

I ordered a glazed donut at the ordering window and stood under the awning with other customers to wait. Despite the queue of people, it was only a few moments before my donut was delivered to me in front of the store.

The Texas Sized Donut was softer than a standard donut. The inside was soft and cakelike, and very remarkably light.

I really enjoyed the flavor and texture of this donut. It was a solid donut, but next time I think I'll order something a little less ridiculous (unless I'm headed to a party!).

giant donuts in Round Rock, Texas

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There are way more options than just the Texas Sized Donut. In fact, Round Rock Donut's classic World Famous Round Rock is worth a trip all on its own (it's the same dough as the Texas Sized Donut but is a much more reasonable standard donut size).

While donuts are what makes Round Rock Donuts famous, they also sell klobasneks (savory kolaches), cinnamon rolls, and other pastries.

various donuts and pastries at Round Rock Donuts
various donuts and pastries at Round Rock Donuts

The Texas Sized Donut costs $11.98. A Round Rock Donut is 99¢ or $9.98 for a dozen.

Round Rock Donuts menu and prices
Round Rock Donuts menu and prices


Round Rock Donuts is located at 106 W Liberty Ave, Round Rock, TX 78664, about 20 miles north of Austin, Texas.

There's no inside seating. To order, just walk up to one of the two windows. The order will be ready in just a few minutes.

Unless it's exceptionally busy, there should be plenty of parking available on-site.

Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock, Texas
customers buying donuts at Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock, Texas

See the map below for the exact location.