Kun Chiang Pla - Sweet Chinese Fish Sausage (Bangkok, Thailand street food snack)

Kun Chiang Pla, or Sweet Chinese Fish Sausage

Bangkok, Thailand Street Food Snack

Kun chiang (กุนเชียง) is a type of sweet Thai-Chinese sausage. The word comes from the Teochew dialect ("贯肠") - which is the dominant Chinese dialect amongst the Thai-Chinese population. This sausage is a little different, however. Instead of being made with the traditional pork, this kun chiang is made with fish! It's a lighter and healthier snack, and it's just as delicious with a fraction of the fat and calories.

This week I visited the Thai Red Cross Fair at Lumpini Park in Bangkok, Thailand. The fair had lots of amazing game stalls and street food stands. After walking around for a while, I was starting to get hungry. We ended up snacking at this local fish stand.

Thai-Chinese sausage made with fish instead of pork (กุนเชียง)
Thai-Chinese sausage made with fish instead of pork (กุนเชียงปลา;贯肠)

Sweet pork (or Kun Chiang) is a common ingredient in Thai-Chinese cuisine. It's often served over rice with holy basil or mixed into a fried rice dish. It is one of my favorite local ingredients, and whenever I see it offered in friend rice or basil stir fry, I'll always ask for it.

This specific kun chiang was made with fish instead of pork. It tasted almost the same, but it was slightly less oily and a tiny bit fishier.

Thai-Chinese sweet sausage (กุนเชียง) made from fish (กุนเชียงปลา)
Thai-Chinese sweet sausage (กุนเชียง) made from fish (กุนเชียงปลา)

This is a very filling snack! It's easily shared between two people.

The sausage, which has been fried in oil in the traditional style, tastes almost exactly like the traditional Thai-Chinese kun chiang sweet sausage, but with a very light and mild fish flavor. I like the idea of taking a traditional food and making it a little healthier without sacrificing the delicious flavor.