Kee Mao Gai - Thai street food-style drunken chicken

Kee Mao Gai, or Drunken Chicken

by ครัวอิ่มอร่อย (made-to-order restaurant at Lat Phrao Road soi 14, Bangkok)

Despite its name, drunken chicken does not actually have any alcohol in the recipe! The origin of the name is unknown, but one legend states that it was whipped up by a hungry chef after a night of drinking. Another theory states that one must drink lots of cold beer to quench the heat from this spicy dish. Whatever the origin, pad kee mao is a popular street food dish found all throughout Thailand. It's savory and filling, and in my opinion, the spicier the better! It just wouldn't be kee mao without plenty of burning Thai chilies stir fried into this smoky and spicy dish!

kee mao gai, or drunken chicken

This kee mao dish is stir-fried in a wok with juicy chicken, shredded carrots, baby corn, Thai holy basil, mushrooms, and (of course!) plenty of fiery hot Thai bird's eye chilies! A big scoop of rice is topped with a runny fried egg, which cuts through the spiciness and adds some richness to the dish.

I've really been craving spicy food lately, and this dish was perfectly spicy! When I first came to Thailand seven years ago, I couldn't handle chili. I've worked hard over the past few years to hone my taste buds and build my tolerance to spicy foods, and now I'm crazy about Thai spice!

a typical made-to-order restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

I have visited this restaurant before and written about it here on the blog (see: chicken with chili paste on rice). It's a very popular made-to-order restaurant on the corner of a busy street in Bangkok. Here, you can ask for nearly any Thai street food dish that you can think of, and if they have the ingredients, they'll make it for you!

40 baht ($1.30)

At the corner of Soi 14
Lat Phrao 14 Alley, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900

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